Dakhil Result 2020 – Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board

Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board has completed the preparation for publishing the Dakhil Result 2020. Pre-registration activities have also started. The long waiting will end by this new system if the pre-registration is completed. The results will reach the candidate’s mobile in the fastest time. However, it will not be possible to publish the results before Eid, said the chairman of the inter-education board coordination sub-committee and chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, Professor. Ziaul Haque.

Due to Coronavirus, it has been decided to publish the results in the new system. You don’t have to wait as long as before if you pre-register in the new system. The Dakhil Result will reach the students as soon as the results are released.

Dakhil Result 2020 Publish Date

This year, the Dakhil Result is in uncertainty due to the Corona situation in Bangladesh. However, preparations have been made to release the results after overcoming the uncertainty. However, it is not possible to publish the results before Eid. With the permission of the government, the Dakhil Result Date will be finalized. However, the results may be released on May 31. Proposals will be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office proposing the Dakhil and Equivalent Result Publication Date. The results will be released on the day the Prime Minister allows the results to be published.

How to know the Dakhil Result?

The Dakhil Result 2020 and equivalent examinations will be published in the new method along with the method in which the results are published in other years. SSC Result 2020 and Dakhil Result will be published simultaneously.

Mobile operators have already started informing customers about the new system via SMS. Considering the situation, an exceptional initiative has been taken this time. Pre-registration has already been started to facilitate the publication of results. If pre-registered in the new system, students will get results in a quick time. For so long, if you send an SMS on the day of the Result Publication, the result would be informed in the return message. But it took a long time to get the result of that short message return message. In this system, the students will get the results within half an hour. However, the results will be published according to the pre-determined rules.

Pre-registration Instruction

To get results directly on mobile from home, you need to send a message from any mobile operator’s number for pre-registration. Therefore you have to type in this rule: SSC <> Board Name <> Roll <> Year. And it has to be sent to 16222. Two takas will be charged for each SMS.

Dakhil Result by SMS

Those who pre-register will get the results as soon as possible. As soon as the result is published, the result will be sent by Education Boards to Registered Mobile Number via SMS. Also, after the result is published, the result can be known by sending a message according to the previous process.

To know the result through SMS, go to the message option of your mobile phone and write – SSC <> MAD <> Your Roll <> 2020 ( Or Dakhil <> MAD <> Your Roll <> 2020) and send the message to 16222. Example: SSC MAD 123456 2020 and Send this Message to 16222. You will be informed of the result in the return message. Here MAD is three letters of Madrasa Board, write your roll number instead of 123456, and 2020 is your exam year.

Dakhil Marksheet 2020

The Dakhil Marksheet and detailed results can be known only from the websites. The results can be found on the website of the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board. The mark sheet will mention how many marks the examinee got in any subject. Visit bmeb.gov.bd or click here to see the detailed marksheet of the Madrasah Board. Both roll number and registration number will be required to view the marksheet. Results can be known only with the roll. However, the registration number will be required to know the Dakhil marksheet. You may also visit educationboardresults.gov.bd to Search Dakhil and SSC Result 2020.

Institutional Dakhil Result

Apart from the individual Results, the institution-based Dakhil Result can be known from the official website of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board bmeb.gov.bd. This result can be known from the Dakhil Result Option. To see the results based on the institutions, you have to select the division, district, and provide the EIIN number of the Institution. Madrasah based results can be printed or downloaded. Paperless Dakhil Result can also be found on the educationboard.gov.bd website. From here you have to select the Madrasa Board and provide the EIIN number of the institution. Paperless results can be downloaded or printed in PDF format. Paperless results will have the results of all the students of any institution.

This year SSC and equivalent examinations started on 3rd February. The theoretical test ends on 27 February. The practical test started on February 29 and ended on March 5. This time the total number of candidates was 20 lakh, 47 thousand 779. Due to the long vacation in the educational institution in the Coronavirus situation, it was not possible to publish the results within the stipulated time (60 days after the examination). As a result, the education boards had made preparations to publish the results within this month due to this uncertainty.

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